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Harald Juengst

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Nanyo Swemo

Fairy Tales from Africa

Harald Juengst and Nii Annan Odametey share the stage with words and music in a great new show featuring African fairytales.

The messages of these traditional stories are presented in typical, time-honoured methods using African animal and wildlife scenes. The dynamic scenes become reality with lively voice characterisations and impressive body gestures coupled with breathtaking drum and song performances. Together, Harald and Annan draw their audience deeply and irresistibly into the African way of life.

The show’s title, “Nanyo Swemo” means “Playing in Friendship” in one of the languages of Ghana. The two artists give full and honest meaning to this title in a totally live stage performance for all lovers of fairytales - young and old.

Nii Annan Odametey lives in Duisburg, Germany and Ghana. He was born into a family of renowned artists and from childhood has absorbed the traditional rhythms and dance styles of his homeland. Later, his musical knowledge was widened through studies at the “Arts Centre of Ghana”. Today, when not playing with Harald, he tours as a solo performer with bands like “No Fears”, “Ogidigidi” and “Adesa” and also runs highly successful dance and drum workshops.