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For the past 40 years now I have experienced, explored and loved the Emerald Isle – but that is not to say that I have found it without fault. With little prompting I could go on and on for hours and hours lamenting its glaring insufficiencies, wasteful unpunctuality, sloppy habits, outlandish prices, overt political corruption, its non-existence of any environmental conscience, etc etc.

But at the same time I could go on for days on end celebrating Ireland - praising its charity, spontaneity, hospitality, improvisational skills, the love of a good chat, its humour, music, readiness to help, its colours, cliffs, beaches, bays, bogs, hill-tops, the pictures painted by the wind and clouds etc.

‘Céad mile fáilte.’ This traditional Gaelic phrase still means the same to me today as back when I first heard it: ‘One hundred thousand times welcome!’ The Irish fascination for the unity of the landscape, their humanitarian kindness and their living cultural traditions – these still make my heart flutter, give me goose bumps and dazzle my eyes and ears.

Pressreviews & Comments

“Die traditionellen irischen Geschichten, die Herr Jüngst in seinen beiden Hörbüchern auf deutsch erzählt, bilden einen sehr wichtigen Beitrag zur Unterstützung der irisch-deutschen Bindung im kulturellen Bereich. Die mündliche Tradition, oftmals im Irischen Folklore oder „béaloideas“ genannt, hatte, aufgrund der speziellen irischen Geschichte und der uralten keltischen Tradition, von der sie abstammt, in Irland eine bei weitem zentralere Bedeutung als in den meisten anderen Kulturen. Ich gratuliere Herrn Juengst von Herzen für seine ausgezeichnete Arbeit.”

“The tradition Irish stories told in his two audobooks by Mr. Juengst in German constitute a very important contribution to the promotion of Irish-German cultural links. The oral tradition, often called folklore or "béaloideas" in Irish , has been far more central in Ireland than in most cultures because of the specificities of Irish history, and the ancient Celtic tradition from which they come. I warmly congratulate Mr. Juengst on his fine work.”

Dr. Seán Ó Riain
Presse und Kulturrat
Botschaft von Irland