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Harald Juengst

The German Irishman - Stories • CD-Audiobooks • Storytelling/reading


Harald Juengst hails from Duisburg in Germany`s industrialized ”Ruhrgebiet”. Since the late seventies Harald`s second home - his Irish home - has been in the remote and very scenic County Donegal in the North West of the Emerald Isle.

Harald is a Primary School Teacher by profession. He is also a Broadcaster and has featured Ireland in several shows promoting tourism. His regular radio shows feature Irish traditional and folk music. Harald broadcasts on major German radio stations WDR-Cologne and DLF (Deutschlandfunk). He also tours world-wide as a storyteller in both English and German (“My Green Heartbeat” and “Irish Legends & Fairytales”).

Harald Juengst works hard to promote the integration of blind children into everyday society. To this end, he donates a good part of the income from sales of his CD audiobooks to organisations which further this work, namely : In Ireland : NCBI ( Donegal Branch ), In Germany: ”Bewegung im Dialog” Cead Mile Failte – “A Hundred Thousand Welcomes”

This slogan was working well when I first came to Ireland in the seventies and, in spite of progress, modernisation and other evil changes, it is still up-to-date now at the beginning of the 21st century. To me, ”Cead Mile Failte” means hospitality, warmth, friendship, spontaneity, improvisation, helpfulness, humour, odd characters, music, song, dance and, of course, stories. (Ceol agus Craic !) With these go the breathtaking scenery of sandy beaches and bogland, rocks, mountains and lakes, rivers and waterfalls, clouds, sunsets, rainbows, and...

All of this, and much more, is responsible for ”My Green Heartbeat”. The stories and places on this CD audiobook are all real and as true as my memory will allow. I have changed the names of the ”actors” to protect their privacy. They are all recent stories and show, that the Irish character and spirit, along with their traditions, are still much alive and will – hopefully - stay alive long into the future.