Harald Jüngst

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Harald Juengst
My Green Heartbeat

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47058 Duisburg/Germany
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℗ & © Edition Gola 2008

The stories and places on this CD audiobook are all real and as true as my memory will allow. I have changed the names of the “actors” to protect their privacy. They are all recent stories and show, that the Irish character and spirit, along with their traditions, are still much alive and will – hopefully - stay alive long into the future.

“The only thing which belies the fact that Harald Juengst is not a native of Donegal is his German accent. Other than that he is just as much 'Donegal' as the Donegal people themselves. Harald fits in so well to his adopted home of The Rosses and Gweedore in Northwest Ireland that the locals affectionately refer to him as 'Harald Mór' or ‘Big Harald'!

The fact that he has fallen in love with this tiny corner of Ireland has not only provided Harald with the inspiration to write and record these fascinating stories of modern Irish life, it has also been most fortunate for the County which might otherwise have lost out on some of its most treasured tales. From stories about the infamous local bus service to the generosity of a local bank manager when an ATM eats his Bank card, the five stories which Harald narrates in his audio book “My Green Heartbeat” are both funny and heartwarming. They provide a wonderful insight into a special way of life which still pertains in this part of the country.

In a world which is moving all too quickly for most of us, Harald's stories help to bring us back to reality as they capture those unique human characteristics which are now so often forgotten.“

Catherine Cook (Irish Journalist) Letterkenny, County Donegal Ireland

CD 1 61.44
1. The Hole in the Wall 21.04
2. A Cradle of Waves 27.34
3. Hitchhiker`s Guide to Superstition 13.03

CD 2 33.06
4. The Swilly 07.26
5. The Green -Furred Tiger 22.04
Bonus Track:
6. Cat`s Language 03.33

Total Playing Time 94.50
Edition Gola EGCD 1960
Englische Version von “Grünes Herzbeben” als Doppel CD! mit Bonustrack